We create product solutions that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.


Drew Henson. We produce end user products that balance design and engineering using our extensive experience and technical training in both fields. In addition to our twenty2b products and collaborations, we offer services to our clients for Product Research & Strategic Planning, Concept Design & Development, UI/UX Design, Branding & Communication Design and Product Development & Deployment.


Our solutions blend technology, art and design.
These are our guiding principles
— in the way we work and the way we live —
and are at the centre of all of our products and projects. We work with our clients to understand the question that our design will answer; we explore the unique roots of their goals and targets; and we are always cognizant of any other brand considerations. The end result is innovative and compelling design that serves a purpose.


Our team’s collective background encompasses mechanical, electrical, software, and optics engineering, merged with world-class product and concept design. Some of our experience in past and ongoing projects includes iF design awarded consumer electronics, AEA RenaultF1 Innovation, Red Dot Design winning packaging and even clearing our products with NASA for the International Space Station.


Every design starts with understanding the human need that it will address. We also carefully consider the behaviours of our target demographic. These considerations shape the creative and technical direction from the start of a project, allowing us to keep our efforts focused, and costs and time to delivery in check. We ensure that we design competitive solutions for our clients by completing extensive industry analysis to understand both what has happened and what is happening, in order to set the trend for the future. Because technology is being released at record speeds, we carefully calculate product life cycles in order to maximise design.


For us, every single project is an opportunity to innovate and invent. Because no two problems are the same, each represents a unique, unchar5tered journey to a solution, with many potential routes to reach the final destination. We take all of this into consideration when scoping the design path for our clients. We don’t just design a solution; we creative innovations that can be executed and engineered. We clearly map a project’s path from start to finish, with milestones laid out and deliverables scheduled, ensuring client satisfaction and project success.


We are obsessed with understanding the relationship between user and system, and designing and optimizing interfaces that facilitate the most effective interaction between the two. We can work with a development team — our own or your in-house team, whichever you prefer — to design user interface systems for web and mobile operating systems, or for consumer electronics products.


A cohesive brand is the foundation of every product, every project and every business. We work with our clients to understand their vision, identity and promise. How do you see the world, and how do you want the world to see you? We translate these insights into a consistent, distinct and unique brand message that can be clearly communicated to a global audience.


It’s one thing to have an idea, a design or a concept, but how do you bring it to life and to market? We know how to transition our concepts from ideation to execution and mass production, and have considerable experience working in manufacturing centres such as China doing exactly that. We oversee our deliveries with technical support throughout the sampling, tooling and mass production stages to ensure design intent is preserved and quality control is executed to professional standards.


Our designs have been featured in several consumer electronic and lifestyle media outlets including Engadget, CNET, CNET France, Gizmodo, gizmag, T3, PCmag, Popular Mechanics, MTBR, Transworld Snowboarding, Transmoto, Bike Mag, Men’s Journal, Details, The Telegraph, PointofViewCameras, Wide Open Mag, BHP Photo & Video, Expert Reviews, Bike Radar etc…

“People always told me the sky is the limit.’ The designer (Drew Henson) says laughing, ‘the sky is not the limit.’ For his space bound cameras at least, it’s clear that that certainly isn’t the case.”
Harry Parhill [Telegraph.co.uk]

“In your hand the HD Ghost feels indestructible. Somebody thought long and hard about the design (…) Drift absolutely crushes the competition with its best-in-class packaging.”
Rex Roy [Popular Mechanics]

“Long battery life, solid video quality, and a great all-in-one design make the Drift Ghost-S tough to beat.”
Joshua Goldman [CNET]

The Drift Stealth 2 is by far and away the smallest, lightest camera the company has ever produced.
Simon Monk [T3]

Competition is brutal in the POV camera arena. Drift Innovations has differentiated their cameras with a unique user-friendly design.
John Shafer [MTBR]

A combination of fantastic design and numerous ingenious features makes the Ghost S a winner.
Matt Warman [Telegraph]

The Drift Ghost offers filmmakers options that you just can’t find on other models.
James Roberts [Men’s Journal]