As creators ourselves, we are constantly inspired by the ambitious and creative people we come into contact with through our numerous travels in our professional and personal lives. The Portrait Project highlights some of these individuals, giving us an intimate look at their work and their lifestyle, how they manage struggle and success, and what keeps the fire inside them burning – why do they choose to create, and what keeps them going in that quest?

All Portraits are shot 100% on cameras we designed. Our subjects live all over the world, work in a variety of industries and have differing and unique stories, but there are common threads to be found that connect them to each other, to us at twenty2b and to millions of other creatives around the world: a commitment to living a creative life, and an unwavering love and passion for whatever it is you do.

Portrait of a Product Designer
Violaine D’Harcourt

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Violaine is a product designer from Paris, France. After graduating with her Masters in Industrial Design from SPD in Milan, Italy she moved on to work at Jacopo Foggini’s studio in Milan, as well as with Federico Churba in Buenos Aires. Now designing solo, she has had many recent exhibitions showcasing her work including her beautiful ‘Lampiones’ set. For more information on Violaine, see her site here:

For more details on ‘Galerie Room’, her new studio in Paris, see below.

Galerie Room
67 rue Lamarck
75018 Paris

Project Sponsored by Drift Innovation
Video Editing by Davin Henson
Music by Sergio Levels